“As a police officer, I was really appreciative of how TACTIC’s training improved my dynamic shooting. It also helps that on our next department qualification, I shot 50/50.”

-Matthew W. | Police Office


"I've taken a number of courses from Tactic and each time I am blown away by the knowledge, skill, and professionalism that the instructors hold. Every time I walk away a more skilled and responsible gun owner. I won't go anywhere else for classes or knowledge."

-Joe W.


“I’ve attended a dozen different courses at various training schools around the country and I’ve got to say, your knife-defense class is one of the best I’ve taken. Really liked how you guys moved us along, starting with footwork and systematically adding layer upon layer until before we knew it, we were successfully fighting off a violent knife attack. Other courses I’ve been to, I’ve been bored, anxious, lamenting the slow pace, which the instructors defended by claiming that students can only learn so much in one day before their brains shut down. Hogwash. It’s all in the approach and yours was right-on. We got just the right amount of training and left far more capable and confident than when we arrived – exactly how it’s supposed to be.” –Mike E. | Editor of Outside Bozeman Magazine


“As a leadership trainer and shepherd, I am always looking for opportunities to stretch my students and develop in them humility, endurance, and skills that will empower them. Over the past 13 months, I have engaged Chris Forrest, Navy SEAL Retired to teach firearms safety and proficiency to 5 classes with over 80 of my leadership students. I have found Chris’ demeanor and teaching abilities to be outstanding. My people found him articulate, engaging, encouraging, and helpful. The classes he has developed are exceptionally well planned and executed. He has trained a competent staff of tactical experts who assist him as needed and his charming wife, Kate, supervises the whole operation with great skill. I recommend Chris Forrest and his staff highly and without reservation.”

– Fred N. | Leadership Trainer | The Eleos Group


“I have had the privilege of learning under Chris Forrest’s expert teaching and highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn firearms basics or take their skills to a much higher level. Few other places can offer the real-world experience that TACTIC can.”

– Troy K. | Author


“I had huge fears of using a weapon in self-defense in general and now I have a knowledge that gives me the ability to think through a situation and clearly assess how to keep my family safe. TACTIC’s weapons training gave me confidence and great safety advice for using my hand gun. I loved taking this couples course. Being side by side with my husband was a blast! Chris has a great teacher’s heart and an ability to make every question seem important. He carefully answered every question with diligence and sincerity. Hugely appreciated his ability to build my confidence and keep us focused!”

– Josephine G. | Mom & Piano Teache


"I took Hangun 1 as a first-time gun owner and was so impressed by the expertise of the instructors. I found the dry firing and grip drills particularly effective because it gave me something I could practice at home. I also really appreciated the personalized tips and tutorials from Rob and Amanda. Great energy in the class and I felt totally comfortable being a newbie! 10/10 highly recommend!"

- Alexis R.


“I like that TACTIC is not only about shooting and firearms (although super fun and my favorite!), but also empowerment for people in life – especially women. There aren’t a lot of options for women to learn what you teach in a fun, encouraging, and non-intimidating environment. Being a husband, and father of four daughters, TACTIC has been a very valuable resource to point them towards to hopefully tip the odds in their favor to avoid the possibility of violence and hurt in their future.”

– Frank N.

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