Bear Class

Bear Class

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This bear defense training course is a course all men and women who enjoy the outdoors should experience. Whether you are hiking in the backcountry with friends or elk hunting alone this fall, there is a chance of running into a Grizzly. Most people carry bear spray and a “Bear Gun” in the woods, but have very little confidence with these weapons, because they haven’t trained enough. Training develops confidence.

This class is non-lethal bear defense class. The day will consist of learning bear behavior and bear spray knowledge. You will train with inert Bear Spray training cans. 

Inquire about our handgun training for lethal defense against bears.

Prerequisite: none

Course duration:  9am - 3pm

Contact if you want to schedule a private day for you and your group.  (Prices vary on size of group).

Where: We will meet at the classroom at 237 Quail Run Road in Four Corners, MT 59718