Ladies Only Handgun 1

Ladies Only Handgun 1

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Ladies Only Handgun 1 is an introduction to firearms nomenclature, operation, and live fire drills. The pace of the classroom is such that a new learner feels safe and develops confidence. Safety is paramount! Basic firearms safety, gun handling, and techniques to make any loaded weapon safe will be covered.  We highly recommend a full size pistol and offer rentals for $50/day.
You can expect to learn:

  • Grip
  • Stance
  • Sight alignment
  • Sight picture
  • Trigger control
  • Follow through
  • Breathing
  • Unloading/Reloading
  • Drawing from a holster
  • Recoil management
  • Malfunctions

Time of course: 6 hours
Prerequisite: None

Minimum number of students required to run class: 4
What to bring to class: Notepad, pen, handgun, 2 magazines (3 recommended), 300 rounds of ammunition, outside the waistband holster, belt mounted magazine carrier, eye protection, hearing protection, long sleeve garment.

Meet at the TACTIC classroom at 237 Quail Run Road in Four Corners, MT 59718

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