• $750.00
    Unit price per 

This will be a clay/wing shooting course.  We customize content instruction to experience level of shooter.  Overview of topics that can be covered:

  • Basic Shotgun Safety Assembly
  • Parts
  • Function Choosing the Appropriate Shell/Ammunition
  • Choke Choice and Gun Set-up/Fit Eye Dominance
  • Proper Mounting
  • Proper Stance
  • Types of Lead Visual Concentration and Mindset
  • Various Target Presentations
  • Common Mistakes and Solutions


  • The Standard (1-2 People) - $750
  • Deluxe Package (Up to 4 People) - $1,229 

The Standard is great for those who own their shotgun and want to improve their skills.  This comes with 100 clays/person. We recommend bringing 100 shells.  3 hours.

Deluxe Package is great for groups who want a fun afternoon &/or don't own their own shotgun. Package includes shotgun rental, ear protection, 100 clays/person, and 100 shells/person.  3 hours.

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